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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sixteen Years, Sixteen Banners United

I knew last year what song I would posting for today. It is entirely coincident that this will be the first time in the twenty-plus I've known her (or the nineteen-ish she believes she's known me) that my wife is not a dues-paying SAG member.

Happy Anniversary to the woman who didn't even blink when I came home Friday reading a copy of My Friend Dahmer.* *I blame Erin, and note that the book is everything she promised it would be.

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Kids. I have been married to my sweets for over/(under?)
30 years now.
grumpiest woman I ever met but she can stand my grumping so let it run.
I a "Veteran" of Berkeley Street Politics 101, circa 1970. Proud to be a Liberal and Taking shit for it all my life.
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Happy happy, Ken and thanks for the shout.
commented by Blogger Erin O'Brien, 12:33 PM PDT  

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