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Sunday, June 17, 2012

environmental news stories sunday

for those pesky little stories you didn't hear on the talking head shows this morning.

call to ban toxic chemicals. - when environmental advocate laura turner seydel - and daughter of ted turner - found out that her family’s blood was full of toxic chemicals, she decided to take action - living on earth

cleveland's waste to watts program proves controversial. - for years, cleveland has flirted with a little-known technology for converting garbage into electric power, attracted by the idea of a green alternative to dispatching 230,000 tons of trash to ohio landfills yearly and relying on coal-fired plants to supply cleveland public power's customers. - cleveland plain dealer

mozambique farmland is prize in land grab fever. - in these days of financial uncertainty, the hot new investment tip is farmland. this spring, 750 wall street types crowded into new york's waldorf-astoria hotel for a conference on investing in global agriculture. first of a two-part series - all things considered

pesticide found near drinking water dam. - pesticides have been detected upstream of a reservoir that feeds melbourne's drinking water supply, sparking calls by an environmental group for an urgent upgrade of the dam's filtration and treatment plant - sydney morning herald

eco-friendly model home reflects green movement's edging into the mainstream. - the new house of the future is being marketed with a decidedly more practical goal in mind: to save you big bucks in energy and water consumption. - wapo

report shows climate change, growth will strain state's water supply. - washington state faces huge challenges to provide needed water for growth and to overcome the effects of climate change over the next 20 years, a new forecast report suggests - yakima herald republic

arctic sea ice dips below ominous milestone, - ahis week the extent of arctic sea ice dipped below the extent for 2007, according to the national snow and ice data center. the 2007 season holds the record for lowest arctic sea-ice extent in recorded history. - mother jones

research buoys will pay off. - thanks to a nearly $3 million show of support from the state, high tech buoys will soon be measuring ocean acidity levels year round, and alaska fishermen will play an important role in the research. basic chemistry proves that ocean waters are becoming more corrosive and it is happening faster in colder waters - anchorage daily news

big oil doesn't want to share with renewables, iowa governor says. - gov. terry branstad took another shot at the oil industry and what he and biofuels supporters see is a campaign by big oil to hold back the development of renewable energy. - des moines register

a new lease of eco life. - until recently, renters who wished to create a sustainable home didn't have many options. but all that is changing thanks to a swag of state and federal government programs. - sydney morning herald

the melting north. - a heat map of the world, colour-coded for temperature change, shows the arctic in sizzling maroon. since 1951 it has warmed roughly twice as much as the global average. there is no serious doubt about the basic cause of the warming. it is, in the arctic as everywhere, the result of an increase in co2, released when fossil fuels are burned - economist

colorado wildfire could burn all summer, officials fear. - officials worry that the mammoth high park blaze - now only 10% contained - could burn all summer, devastating not only the state's air and water quality, but also its $10-billion annual tourism industry. - latte times

keystone xl pipeline still misses the mark. - even with the new route, ruptures and leaks could harm the niobrara river, sage grouse habitat, walleye fisheries and still impact the ogallala aquifer, the source of drinking water to about 2 million people in eight states and a critical water supply for agriculture - denver post

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