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Sunday, June 10, 2012

environmental news stories sunday

violence hits brazil tribes in scramble for land.- the expansion of huge cattle ranches and industrial-scale farms in remote regions of brazil has produced a land scramble that is leaving the ancestors of brazil’s original inhabitants desperate to recover tribal terrains, in some cases squatting on contested properties - nytimes

strawberry farms suck spain dry. - for decades, local fruit farmers around doñana have used wells, legal or not, on the perimeter of the vast wetland on spain's south-western coast. "If the doñana park were a patient, it would be on the point of entering the intensive care unit," said eva hernandez of the world wildlife fund - the independent

fire retardants in food. - fire retardant chemicals are commonly found in household items like furniture and electronics. But a new study found them in a place you probably wouldn’t expect: food - living on earth

record heat marches on: texas and contiguous US had warmest spring on record. - much of texas has been getting something of a break from the history-making, headline-grabbing drought of 2011 in recent months, but the state’s excessive heat marches on. In 2012, texas had its warmest spring on record and its third warmest january-through-may period. - texas climate news

north texas water needs could cost billions in coming years. - meeting the water needs of north texas 50 years from now will require significant conservation, at least several new reservoirs, an unbending political will and a whole lot of money - dallas morning news

water war reignites as l.a. resists fixing some owens lake dust. -los angeles and the owens valley are at war over water again, with the city trying to rework a historic agreement aimed at stopping massive dust storms that have besieged the eastern sierra nevada since l.a. opened an aqueduct 99 years ago that drained owens lake. - latte times

the deadly legacy of america's fields of gold. - richard nixon is remembered for his infamous part in the watergate scandal, but his lasting legacy may be a burgeoning army of people in the west who are too fat- the independent

virginia lawmakers avoid climate buzzwords. - state lawmakers discovered that they could not use the phrases "sea level rise" or "climate change" in requesting a study because of objections from republican colleagues. so they did away with all mention of sea level rise, substituting a more politically neutral phrase: "recurrent flooding." - hampton roads virginian-pilot 

groups fight back after conservatives try to dilute environmental laws. - discord between the tories and environmentalists began when the federal natural resources minister maligned environmental groups as radicals. it escalated with the introduction of a package of new laws, some directly targeting charities and environmental protections. - vancouver sun

longtime Hinkley residents haven't looked back from community plagued with contaminated water. - now living near apple valley, california, the kearney family left behind their dream house in hinkley, which had turned into a nightmare due to a plume of carcinogenic chromium 6. Since then, they haven't looked back. - san bernardino county sun

potomac named most endangered river. A conservation group says the potomac river is the most endangered river this year in the united states – that pollution in the potomac is decreasing water quality, threatening marine life and will become worse if congress rolls back national clean-water protections - voice of america

shell oil injunction forces greenpeace to get creative. - with a judge ordering greenpeace's boats to stay away from shell's arctic rigs, the anti-drilling organization turns to social media and other means of getting its message out - latimes

oil's dirty price in north dakota. -oil and gas fracking operators in north dakota have dumped at least 1.7 million gallons of brine and 716,000 gallons of oil on the western plains between 2009 and 2011. and that's just what they've reported - minneapolis star tribune

state allows industrial-scale exploration without hearings. - for the last 24 years, mining companies have been exploring for copper and gold on state lands in the headwaters of bristol bay.and they've done all that - with the state's permission - without public notice, without inviting public comment, and without public hearings - anchorage daily news

house committee adopts bill banning epa, corps from issuing water act guidance. - the house transportation committee adopts bill to prohibit epa and army corps from finalizing guidance clarifying clean water act jurisdiction and from using that document to issue rules or decisions - bloomberg bna

nebraska cattlemen, politicians protest 'weird' epa flyovers. - epa's use of aerial surveillance to nab clean water act violators on great plains farms isn't sitting well with Nebraska farmers and lawmakers. the state's congressional delegation criticized the practice in a letter last week to epa administrator lisa jackson. - greenwire

new wyoming supercomputer expected to boost atmospheric science. - this month, on a barren wyoming landscape dotted with gopher holes and hay bales, the federal government is assembling a supercomputer 10 years in the making, one of the fastest computers ever built and the largest ever devoted to the study of atmospheric science. - latte times

new orleans barge gate crack is likely to delay lake borgne project. - contractors have discovered a 15-foot-long, horseshoe-shaped crack in the bottom of a concrete barge gate designed to block hurricane storm surge from moving from the gulf Intracoastal waterway into the Industrial canal - new orleans times picayune (remember...this is the paper that is on the verge of extinction...imagine this important news not being told. savethetimespicayune.

ssessing consumer concerns about the meat industry. - tom philpott, who covers food and the agricultural industry for mother jones, raises concerns about bovine spongiform encephalopathy - mad cow disease - infiltrating the food chain. - npr

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