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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

gop doesn't support the troops

they want to force the military to use dirty fuels when it doesn't want to.
last week, the republican-led house armed services committee proposed a new pentagon budget. tucked away inside it was a provision that would prohibit the department of defense from buying any alternative fuels that cost more than conventional fossil fuels. tpm has the story.

slate’s fred kaplan laments that this provision would kill the $12 million “green strike group” program the navy is running, which would field a strike group running entirely on biofuels (and a nuclear-powered carrier) for a naval exercise in june. the navy hopes to have an entire “great green fleet” in the water by 2016.

but the language is far broader than that. it would effectively prohibit military field-testing of any non-fossil fuel. after all, if alternatives were already cheaper than fossil fuels, they wouldn’t be alternatives. the air force couldn’t experiment with fuel blends for its jets. the army couldn’t fuel its “green warrior convoy.” this provision would explicitly ban the military from being an instrument of energy innovation. - grist

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