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Sunday, May 27, 2012

environmental news stories sunday

for those stories we should be hearing on the talking head shows...but, alas, don't.

wildfires hit six us states, small towns evacuated. - a wildfire burned out of control for a fourth day in the steep mountains of southwestern new mexico on saturday, one of several blazes that have consumed more than 200 square miles of rugged land in six u.s. states. - reuters

wildfires burn across southwest us amid historic drought conditions. - wildfires raced across a dry and windy southwest on friday, destroying dozens of homes and depositing a smoky haze over the city of albuquerque, new mexico. fuelled by historic drought conditions, the wildfire season opened early this year in the rugged mountains of arizona. - the guardian

soft-shell lobsters so soon? it's a mystery in maine. - this year, strange things are happening on the ocean floor. many of the lobsters have prematurely shed their hard shells, and lobstermen are hauling large numbers of soft-shelled lobsters much earlier than usual. - weekend edition

virginia's sea-level rise has fastest rate on the east coast. - evidence of sea level rise is increasingly visible to people who spend time around the water: wetlands are disappearing, ditches have gone tidal, backyard vegetation has changed, and "ghost forests" - full grown trees that are dead along the shore because the ocean is moving in underneath them - are now a fixture - delaware coast press

gas drilling under ohio high school is safe, officials say. - chesapeake energy's plan to drill for natural gas under brooke high school should not create any problems for the more than 1,000 students who attend there each day, county superintendent kathy kidder-wilkerson said. but ohio county school officials continue to object - wheeling inteligencer

germany sets new solar power record, institute says. - german solar power plants produced a world record 22 gigawatts of electricity per hour - equal to 20 nuclear power stations at full capacity - through the midday hours on friday and saturday, the head of a renewable energy think tank said - reuters

to tap arctic oil, russia partners with exxon mobil. - russia is still the world's largest producer of oil and gas, but growth has stalled and to get to new supplies requires going to a very difficult place — the arctic. - morning edition npr

rothamsted: security increased at gm wheat trial. - campaigners against the genetically modified wheat will be kept away from the harpenden test site, run by rothamsted research, on sunday. they are concerned about potential contamination from the cereal, but researchers say it is infinitely small - bbc

third b.c. fish farm quarantined after deadly virus detected. - a third b.c. fish farm is under quarantine after a virus deadly to farmed salmon was detected on a site owned by mainstream canada. - vancouver sun

in new film, professor warns of water crisis. - water supplies are dwindling around the world, and a rapidly changing climate will likely make the situation far worse. that is the message conveyed by uc irvine earth system science professor jay famiglietti in “last call at the oasis,” a new film now showing in irvine - orange county register

the gas well next door? - no matter how much you may favor more drilling for oil and natural gas, you still might not want a gas well sprouting up next door to your home. a provision in the senate plan would seem to allow just that, restricting the ability of local governments to adopt zoning and land use ordinances that ban fracking - greenville daily reflector

chemicals aren’t why you’re fat, but they’re making you fatter. - a chemical that can be found almost everywhere causes stem cells to become fat cells. it won’t make you fat on your own, but it makes your crappy diet a lot worse for you. how can you avoid it? - fast company

scientists observe 'tragic experiment' of tsunami debris. - material swept across the pacific after japan's 2011 earthquake offers an opportunity to track items originating from a single point at a single time. debris has begun washing up on the west coast - latimes

change in wind for acid sensors. - state acid rain sensors are so old that there are no longer repair parts, department of environmental conservation told the epa in an annual report last week on the status of the state's network of various air pollution sensors, including those for acid rain, ozone and other pollution - albany times union

heat could kill 150,000 in u.s. cities this century. - a new report issued dire warning about the impact of carbon emissions if no steps are taken to curb them and to improve emergency services - reuters

flame retardant risk varies by race. - nonwhite toddlers may be exposed to potentially toxic flame-retardant chemicals more than white toddlers, according to a study published this week in environmental health perspectives - discovery channel

report measures pesticides in air. - pesticide drift monitoring in minnesota, authored by pesticide action network, is the result of a community-led air monitoring study conducted by a group of concerned minnesotans. area residents found the fungicide chlorothalonil present in 64 percent of air samples taken near their homes - park rapids enterprise

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Gas drilling-all around a high school???
Ok Kids this is Fracking 101.
Topics include:
• Flaming tap water
• Mysterious flocks of birds dying
• Earthquakes
• Water toxic
• Wells run dry

They just can't refuse the $$$.

They'll be sorry & for the record I would not let my kid attend a school allowing fracking.
Whomever is making this decision will eventually be sorry.
commented by Blogger Fran, 10:32 PM PDT  

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