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Sunday, May 20, 2012

environmental news stories sunday

for those pesky little stories that seem to get away from the "corporate" media

india's illegal sand mining fuels boom, ravages rivers. - india’s rivers and creeks continue to be ravaged for sand to fuel a boom in construction and a massive urban transition. the result, analysts warn, is an impending environmental disaster. - washington post

shanghai's reservoirs closed following oil leak. - reservoirs supplying the majority of shanghai's water have been closed after a fuel ship sank at the mouth of the yangtze river on friday night, the city government said yesterday - shanghai daily

cruising for a major oil spill in alaskan waters, academic warns. - one of canada's top experts on arctic issues is warning of the "near-inevitability" of an exxon valdez-scale oil spill at a fragile choke point in alaskan waters if canada ends up shipping oilsands fuel to china via pipeline terminals on the british columbia coast - postmedia news

uk backtracks on fracking. - government officials have rejected shale gas technology as a solution to britain's energy crisis, with senior coalition figures having agreed that shale gas has the potential to be deeply controversial without securing major benefits in lowering carbon emissions or reducing energy costs - the independent

salmon virus forces cull of half million fish in british columbia. - atlantic salmon farms around vancouver island have begun testing and formed a special outbreak management team after a virus outbreak at one farm led to the cull of more than half a million fish. according to the canadian food inspection agency, the virus does not affect human health or food safety - canadian press

epa needs to act on bee-threatening chemicals. - as the iowa state apiarist, i have surmised for quite some time that pesticides were the most to blame for bee colonies becoming disoriented and disappearing - des moines register

hard-hit neighborhoods in la seek zoning protection. - they're calling it clean-up, green-up. it's a proposal to create special zones around some of the most polluted neighborhoods in los angeles. it’s a response to residents who say: enough is enough - no more pollution. the idea: clean up the environment and help businesses thrive at the same time - living on earth

food crisis in niger escalates. - in a country affected by climate change more severely than most, failed crops and no rain have only one conclusion. niger's food crisis is now being described as past the point of no return - australia abc news

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