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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

das williams - of the fighting 35th

my assemblymember das williams is fighting to keep higher education affordable. not just for his constituents, but for all californians. he continues to try to find ways to put money back into the once great california college systems. he knows first hand how great the colleges were...and could be again; how they can shape futures for so many californians. he is a product of santa barbara city college, uc berkeley and uc santa barbara. and he's fighting for their future...for the next generation's future...for our country's future.

the assembly appropriations committee is studying the potential fiscal impact of a
legislative proposal introduced by assemblymember das williams (d-santa barbara) that would transfer some state-owned properties to a public trust in order to provide need financial support to the state’s higher education systems.

ab 2442 would establish the california hope public trust, to manage state-owned properties deemed suitable for development with the goal of increasing that value of its holdings and earning revenue for the university of california (uc), the california state university (csu) and california community college systems.

“a world class higher education system is one of the hallmarks of our state’s economy, but to see the carnage our uc’s, csu’s and community colleges have taken, we have some work to get us to the greatness we are capable of. but that can start with finding ways to dedicate funding to continue building upon the world-class public education system right here in california,” - das williams

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There is a Democratic plan in Michigan to make college free or almost so by closing tax loopholes, but it is getting much traction either in Lansing or in the media.
commented by Blogger Kulkuri, 8:37 AM PDT  
That should be, "isn't getting much tration".
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