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skippy the bush kangaroo

Saturday, April 28, 2012

they want to kill my post office

Main Post Office by santa barbarian
Main Post Office, a photo by santa barbarian on Flickr.
the lobbyists want to kill it.
...in 2006, in what looks like an attempt to bust the postal workers' union, george bush signed into law the postal accountability and enhancement act of 2006. this law required the postal service to pre-fund 100 percent of its entire future obligations for 75 years of health benefits to its employees – and not only do it, but do it within ten years. no other organization, public or private, has to pre-fund 100 percent of its future health benefits.

...the transparent purpose of this law, which was pushed heavily by industry lobbyists, was to break a public sector union and privatize the mail industry. before the 2006 act, the postal service did one thing, did it well, and, minus the need to generate profits and bonuses for executives, did it cheaply. It paid for itself and was not a burden to taxpayers.
..so definitely write your congressman and ask him to roll back bush's idiotic law, and at least give the post office a chance to sink or swim on its own. - rolling stone
call the post office and tell them "don't shut this historic public service down - 202-268-2599

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