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Friday, August 08, 2008

john edwards single handedly destroys the left's talking point about newt gingrich

we are livid here at skippy international. as cookie jill reports below, john edwards admits to having the affair which the national enquirer has been accusing him of these past few weeks.

it's one thing to be an adulterer. it's another thing entirely to cheat on your wife while she's suffering from fatal cancer.

and it's an entirely other thing to cheat on your wife while she's suffering from fatal cancer and lie about it while you're running for president.

[ed. note: edwards insists the affair ended before he started his campaign. and we know how much his word is worth.]

readers of this space may know that we were pulling for edwards early in the primaries, and skippy in fact went to a couple of edwards events here in los angeles.

we here at skippy international were quite taken with edwards' basic premise, and hoped it would take hold in the american zeitgeist. even up to last week, we were hoping that president obama would appoint edwards attorney general in his cabinet.

we even contributed money to his campaign!!

but now, we'd just as soon not hear from edwards for a long, long time.

not only is there still the question of the fathership of the child of rielle hunter (which edwards still denies; but you know how much his word is worth), there are lingering doubts about the legitimacy of her standing as a so-called "film maker." edwards hired hunter to produce web videos for his campaign.

we are feeling great empathy for elizabeth edwards. we wish her the best in this trying time.

(h/t memeorandum 4 the link!)

addendum: marc ambinder is reporting that elizabeth edwards will speak at the dem convention.

well...that should be awkward...
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And with that, the Democratic party may fall.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 1:22 PM PDT  
...when I first heard the news a couple of hours ago, the snarkometer was already running at full throttle ('cause that's the kind of day it's been), so my first thought was "well, at least it was a non-commercial consensual affair with an adult woman; certainly not a Republican thing". But then Igot to the part about Elizabeth Edwards' cancer and his contention that it was in remission while he was having the affair and couldn't help but think 'well, big whoop, D00d.'...

Edwards hasn't destroyed the Gingrich talking point; instead, he's created the obligation to repudiate him as forcefully as was Gingrich or stand rightfully charged with hypocrisy for failing to do so.

I guess the 'good' news is that at least the guy I was hoping would get the Democratic nomination didn't...
commented by Blogger Jack K., 1:52 PM PDT  
For the music lovers.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 2:00 PM PDT  
commented by Anonymous Neo, 2:51 PM PDT  
Hi Skippy! In case any of your readers may be having trouble getting Crooks and Liars to load up today... I have fully investigated the possibility of right wingnut "Denial of service attacks!"
commented by Blogger Connecticut Man1, 3:34 PM PDT  
skippy, my sweet, I'm sorry you're hurt and angry. You know I mean that. But - and I say this gently - where sex is concerned, people are stupid. He couldn't keep his clothes on. Ah well. Sometimes in life, I couldn't either.

That's human. I wish it were okay to talk about the stupid things we do related to sex, but mostly it isn't.

That doesn't change much about Edwards for me.

It also changes nothing about Gingrich, who is still the soulless bastard who made the nineties into a referendum on everyone else's morality.

To recap, because I'm trying to do three things at once.
Edwards: Human, stupid. Cares about poor people.
Gingrich: Evil, soulless. Cares about no one except himself.

No comparison.
commented by Anonymous tata, 3:41 PM PDT  
And yeah... Edwards should be pummeled for this.
commented by Blogger Connecticut Man1, 3:42 PM PDT  
hugs across the entire fucking continent tata.


edwards, so he proved that he's fucking human. big fucking deal.

gingrich was not only an adulterer, he was a mean, soul-less hypocritical thug about it.

edwards, fuck, he could call me for a threesome. my girlfiend thinks he's hot.
commented by Blogger The Minstrel Boy, 8:06 PM PDT  
Still don't give a shit about whether someone cheats on his wife or not. That's between him and his wife.
commented by Blogger DBK, 8:19 PM PDT  

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