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Sunday, August 03, 2008

in other news, satan has purchased a new pair of ice-skates

we are proud of our good friend and original benefactor jerlayn merritt of talkleft.

there was hardly a more ardent supporter of hillary clinton than jeralyn, and she was faithful thru-out the senator's campaign.

let it be said here that we often were on record as having the opinion that sen. clinton would make a better president than sen. obama, but we thought obama had a better chance of getting elected. (tho after the events of the last few days, we wonder if any democrat will ever have a fair chance of being elected ever again.)

but we digress, which is, after all, the very reason we write this blog in the first place.

in light of jeralyn's staunch insistence in all things hillary, no one is happier than we to see these words on talkleft:

what's up with maureen dowd? now she's suggesting american women, specifically those who supported hillary, dislike obama and won't for him. her reasons are rather odd. first she compares obama to romantic figures in pride and prejudice and bridget jones' diary, saying women think obama is arrogant and prideful, then she says it's because he's too skinny and then she makes it all about race.

i hate when writers paint with too broad a brush. i haven't heard a single woman say they would never vote for a man again.

i'm a former hillary supporter who will gladly vote for obama over mccain or a third party candidate. taylor marsh, among the most ardent hillary supporter on the blogs during the primaries responds, criticizing the hillary supporters who can't move on..

jesse taylor at pandagon is even harsher with dowd and a great short read. also see sadly no. ann althouse responds with a question back to dowd.

the primary is over. sen. barack obama is our party's nominee. hillary supports him. all three of talkleft's authors support him (even though many of our commenters of both sexes haven't come around.)

i think most american women who are democrats do support obama. if there's an objection to him, the one i hear most is his lack of political experience at the national level, not his life, his wife, or his weight. and that objection disintegrates in my view now that we are faced with the alternative of john mccain and another four years of republican rule.
of course, the village can't stand the idea of a united dem party, because that interrupts the ongoing narrative that the left is in shambles in the face of the monolithic, gigantic conservative force that rocks their world.

we ourselves keep seeing stories about people who supported clinton and will therefore vote for mcmuffin or someone else rather than cast in favor of obama. it is our learned opinion that such people, if they exist, are outliers, on the fringe, and are of such insignificance that the lyndon larouche followers will impact the election on a greater scale than they.

conflict is what sells papers, bub! what good is the idea of a nation united against its corporate sell-out puppet masters? no, no, a horse race is what makes tv exciting! that, and an all-out, knock-down, drag-out brawl! that's what's going to make august television exciting!
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What's BEEN up with Maureen Dowd? I quit reading her after a very short time.
commented by Blogger nunya, 11:01 AM PDT  
I have a terrible feeling that the media is perverting the polls in order to make us all accept it when they steal this election like they stole the last four...
commented by Blogger SB Gypsy, 1:26 PM PDT  
Talk Left flat out lied about Obama.

If you support them, you are scum as well.

Fuck OFF
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 8:16 PM PDT  
thanks for signing your name, anonymous.
commented by Blogger skippy, 5:30 PM PDT  

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