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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

the electric cars aren't killed off....yet....

tip o' the kangaroo tails to the very lovely and a tad on the progressive sided, city of pasadena, california, for trying to save the remaining electric cars that are still operational.

the city of pasadena plugged into the electric dream of zero-emission autos, making substantial investments in electric and hybrid cars, trucks and buses, and the infrastructure to support them.

electric charging stations sprouted throughout the city and employees from pasadena water and power, parking enforcement, the rose bowl and public works were soon zipping around town in tiny battery-powered cars.

while much has been made of the automobile industry pulling the plug on green technologies, and as moviegoers wonder "who killed the electric car?" the city is expected this week to reluctantly surrender the majority of its electric fleet.

"we asked if we could buy them, but they said absolutely not," said john hoffner, public benefits manager at pasadena water and power, of the 11 nissan hypermini evs the city leased. "they were not going to allow any zero-emission vehicles on the road. they weren't going to sell them at any price." - pasadena star news
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