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Friday, December 07, 2018

Just A Story Without A Moral...

Remember how the world was supposed to end on December 21, 2012, according to the Mayan calendar?

Yeah, that was a pile of bull -- and I seem to recall skippy linking to an article that said as much before that day, but I'm lazy, so if it's there, it's there, if not, it's not. Anyway...

That was a Friday night, and I was driving a cab. I'd checked out a few CDs from the library, and had one on while I was working. It was Orphans: Bawlers, Brawlers and Bastards by Tom Waits. Around 11:15 PM -- you know, roughly forty-five minutes to Armageddon -- this tune came on...

Really, this was a pivot in my spiritual recovery, if not my life. I had screwed myself out of a good job the year before, gone six months unemployed, gone another six underemployed, and was just starting to put myself back together when I heard this...

If I was about to die as the world ended, I couldn't dream of a better way to go than listening to Tom Waits singing "Goodnight Irene." At the time, I was trying to piece my life -- hell, myself -- back together. But that night, I felt the first touch of certainty that I'd be okay.

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I really like the version by Leon Russel on "Hank Wilson"s Back". I love Tom Waits especially into the" Heart of Saturday night". Big fan!
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