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Tuesday, December 25, 2018

how the christian right broke america
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The Christian Right didn't break America, or at least not any more than the GOP did. It seems to me, over a stretch of time, maybe years or decades, too many folks on each side found too many kindred spirits on the other. Maybe they thought they could help each other achieve their goals together at first; eventually, they resorted to just using each other.

Yes, America is the gold medal they hope to win. More to the point, in their minds, they're the farmer who happens to own a golden egg-laying goose. You know how that story ends. But that's not America's story -- it's not some gold-laden goose, and never has been. It's a democracy. A national version of the scientific method -- okay, this experiment with Reagan didn't work, and that experiment with Dubya didn't work, and reason help us if this ongoing experiment with Trump somehow leads to him re-elected in 2020. That could happen,

But like the scientific method, American democracy does have a quirky self-correcting element. It's called Election Day. And I thought that last one was, over all, promising.

America isn't broken. It's ill. And starting to recover...
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