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Saturday, December 01, 2018

rest in peace, george herbert walker bush
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You mean perjurer poppa who committws perjury for 6 years over Ira/contra? A person who should have spent his last years in jail and died on a prison cot?
Spawn of a granddaddy who was part of the "bankersPlot" against FDR and a father who saw no problem being hitlers banker in the US DURING WWII
Not to mention his misbegotten crop of fools, frauds and conmen.
Neil so tarnished by his S&L looting that he had the good grace to vanish into the murky world of influence peddleing, fraud and scams. Jeb who only stayed out of jail over his destruction of another S&L because his perjurer poppa waved of investigators claiming jeb's self enrichment at the S&L's cost could not be looked at because it was a cia bank.
The twit whose wars of choice and conquest plague us almost 20 years later. this was after his criminal negligence in allowing his saudi family ( bin ladens) attack us.
Oh and don't forget the only reason he didn't go to jai was his abstruction of justice by pardoning all his fellow subversives in exchange for their silence. An abuse of the pardon authority that haunts us today with demented donnie looking to us poppa bush's pardon abuse in order to protect himself, just as poppa did, as a template.
Oh not to forget 6 years of perjury over iran/contra denying he had any records untill nailed on his diary's.
The family that gave hope to the drumpf's of how a family criminal enterprise can take advantage of the US electoral system.
Reason drumpf's and bushies didn't get along was there is room for only one criminal enterprise on the top of the gop higharchy.
Good riddance to bad rubbish drop his poxed and befouled corpse into one of Hanford's radiaactive tanks since a toxic waste site is where trash like him belong.
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Don't forget that he met with Iranian officials during the 1980 campaign and made the agreement Iran would get help if they help the embassy captives until AFTER the elections. Conspiring with a hostile foreign power to steal an election. Good thing that could never happen again!
commented by Blogger frankly, 7:31 PM PST  

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