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skippy the bush kangaroo

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

republicans in shock as only 25% of midterm voters approve of trump
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أماني ، هل حصلوا على جميع الصراصير والقمل من أمهاتهم؟
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 6:25 PM PDT  
أماني ، هل لديهم كل الصراصير والقمل من الأحمق أمك؟
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 6:28 PM PDT  
commented by Blogger Naincy Kumari, 5:18 AM PDT  
commented by Blogger Naincy Kumari, 5:19 AM PDT  
commented by Blogger ebrahim adel, 12:55 AM PDT  
Are foreign agents trying to hack into your blog now, skippy? Seriously. It's not like I know what the hell some of these folks are saying. I'm not even sure which language that is.

I've been on the outskirts of the outskirts too long, or something...
commented by Blogger Jim Yeager, 9:53 AM PDT  
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