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Sunday, July 15, 2018

moment of treehugging

climate gentrification will deepen urban inequality.

...the study confirms an important, and under-emphasized, point about gentrification. it does not simply reflect the preferences and decisions of so-called gentrifiers. it is often the product of larger structural forces and major public investments.

in miami, the wealthy have long preferred the coasts. but as the risk of climate change grows, this will likely change, with the wealthy colonizing the higher, less flood-prone ground inland and especially in and around downtown. Indeed, as the study shows, it is the higher places—traditionally home to the less advantaged and the poor—that have seen the largest jumps in price appreciation.

as water levels rise and flooding increases, miami will segregate along new lines, with the poor pushed farther into the region’s hinterlands, or perhaps out of the region altogether—exacerbating the substantial spatial inequality that already defines the region.- citylab

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