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Sunday, July 08, 2018

moment of treehugging

we will all be paying for scott pruitt for ages 

mr. trump’s willingness to tolerate mr. pruitt’s chicanery was not surprising. the two men share an environmental philosophy that may be roughly summarized as “industry over science,” and, for all his flaws, mr. pruitt was tireless in the crusade to dismantle environmental protections. his greatest hits include playing a key role in getting mr. trump to withdraw the united states the paris climate agreement; pushing the repeal of numerous obama-era regulations, including those to cut greenhouse gas emissions from power plants and automobiles; and instituting a policy that barred scientists who receive federal grants from serving on the epa.’s advisory committees, while simultaneously welcoming corporate representatives onto these panels. just last month, the times reported that the epa. had decided for the most part not to consider exposure to chemicals through the air, water or ground when it is evaluating whether they should be regulated or banned under a bipartisan law passed in 2016. - nytimes

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