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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Earth Day 2018

we know environmental degradation here in santa barbara. we have known if for a long time.
in fact earth day was inspired by the massive oil spill that occurred here in 1969.

we thought we had come a long way, but the headlines on this earth day are sobering.

americans waste nearly 150,000 tons of food every day - newsweek
spoiled water for 300,000 - living on earth
scott pruitt is slowing strangling the epa - vox
trump's epa pick is a current dow chemical employee - cnn
scott pruitt's attack on science would paralyze the epa - nytimes 
instability, uncertainty and chaos: how climate change threatens national security - the revelator
wasted water: the crappiest places in america - the revelator
internal emails show epa working to limit agency's use of science - the hill 
the world is sending tons of illegal electronic waste to nigeria - ehn 
pittsburg scores all f's on the american lung association's air quality report card - ehn
damage to great barrier reef from global warming is irreversible say scientists - nytimes
why is oklahoma burning? - weatherunderground
brain damaging lead found in 100's of homes tested across chicago   -  chicago tribune
radio active sludge barrel ruptures at idaho nuclear facility - opb 
ca oil and gas firms had nearly 400 violations in three years- mercury news 
seas are rising too fast to save much of the mississippi delta- washington post

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