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Sunday, March 04, 2018

love you sunday morning

people obsessed with wellness can't accept we're all going to die

vote to outlaw child marriage in kentucky delayed by conservative group

a federal judge put 100's of immigrants behind bars while her husband invested in private prisons

viruses and bacteria travel along a high-altitude super highway
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well, some people obsessed with wellness may have a belief they can cheat death. i just want to cheat the doctors. i have watched people i love with bad health habits live out their elder years, some of them for quite some time, running from this doctor to that one in a desperate attempt to regain some abilities or just not suffer and to extend their lives for a little while longer. i want to make my remaining years as doctor-free as possible. i have been working on my fitness and health, not my life extension. if it extends my life, it will be by avoiding things like diabetes and coronary artery disease. my dada made a month short of his 90th and my mother is alive and currently looking forward to her 90th birthday. if i get 90, that's enough, but i don't want either of their health issues.
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