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Saturday, March 03, 2018

How I became a bad American

I admit it.  I was not happy when Donald Trump managed to get the most electoral votes and somehow wound up as president of the United States.  I had friends who depaired when that happened.  They would rant and rave to me.  Their voices would get higher and louder as they got more and more agitated, talking about this or that predicted disaster.  And make no mistake about it, disaster has followed his every move.

I dealt with it differently.  I told everyone friends, repeatedly because they couldn't help themselves, not to talk to me about it, that I had decided to act as if it hadn't happened and to focus on the little things that fill up a person's day.  I stuck to my guns and, after a while, my friends stopped talking to me about Trumphole.

Excuse me.  I'll be back in a minute.  I have to go take a Trump.

I'm back.  Anyway, I did that and it really did work for about eight months.  Even my wife, who would read the news on her iPhone in the morning before going to work and was anxious  to tell me the what was happening wouldn't talk to me about it.  I advised her to do the same.  When asked to justify this position, I predicted, "It will be bad early.  Early on, we'll see disaster after disaster, just as you expect, but the day will come when the mess this man leaves everywhere he goes will destroy him.  It may destroy the entire country with him, but it will destroy him, because he is such a mess that it is inevitable, and when that happens I will start paying attention again and I will laugh and laugh and laugh."

The day has come.  The US ambassador to Mexico is retiring.  Other US ambassadors are retiring. The stock market took a big tumble as a direct consequence of an announcement from the Trumphole.  Mueller is getting closer and closer.  Trumphole's son-in-law is getting closer to a stretch in Club Fed.  Another White House communications director has not only quit, but told Congress and the American people that she lied on Trumphole's behalf.  Trumphole has humiliated his Attorney General publicly, a humiliation that is richly deserved, but that won't end well for Trumphole either.  McMaster is on the way out.  Kelly despises his boss and his job. And Mueller is getting closer and closer while Trumphole continues to alienate more and more people, and someone in the group he is alienating knows something about Russia and collusion and it will bring the whole house of cards crashing down.  And all these events are news from this week alone.

Every day I laugh and laugh.  It is hilarious in exactly the way I expected it to be.  It's a slow motion glacier, capable of grinding boulders to dust, and it's going to grind the Trumphole to dust and he even knows it.  He doesn't believe it, but he can see it coming.  He's trying to get out of the way.  He can't.

I'm a bad American.  As bad as this is for the country, it is just too funny to me.  And meanwhile I need to change the water in Clarabelle's bowl and finish that vegan chicken broth for tonight's vegan jambalaya and to keep doing all those tiny things that take up a day spent doing tiny, normal things.  Life does go on.

BTW, I hope you'll all begin to refer to it as "taking a Trump"  It would be nice if that became a common expression.  Remember where you heard it.

UPDATE:  Two things:  first this article in the Washington Post.  And I laugh and laugh.  Second, I checked after I wrote this and I cannot claim to be the originator of "taking a Trump".  I have been using it for some time, but I don't know that I can claim to have been the first.
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I'm sure given enough time Trump himself will claim to have started "taking a Trump" or "Trump on your shoe" or "eat Trump" or somesuch.
commented by Blogger Drew, 1:05 AM PST  
"taking a Trump" I first heard that from one of my brothers more than a year ago. Maybe you did, too?
commented by Anonymous lea-p, 6:40 AM PST  
I think taking a Trump is one of those things that many a w wit independently came up with. In the ether so to speak.
commented by Blogger bob wilson, 11:04 AM PST  
You should take a Trmp when you start leaking Santorum.

Trmp is addicted to attention. Not giving him attention is a way to keep yourself sane and drive him crazy(er). Keep Trmp out of your head and keep pushing forward.
commented by Blogger gmoke, 4:46 PM PST  
For a guy who likes to sow discord, Trump doesn't seem to like whirlwinds very much.

Can't say I see the humor in it, though. My first reaction is most often apprehension. Trump did say he would disrupt the way things work in DC. My mistake was thinking he meant at first. No. Hell, no -- this is for the duration of his stay. If Twitter was his only bully pulpit, that would still be bad enough for me -- he possesses most, if not all, of the worst traits that make so much of the rest of the world hate Americans. On top of that, the guy also owns the biggest bully pulpit this side of Moscow. Hence my apprehension.

And what does it say about us when a guy like Bernie Sanders has no shot, but a malcontent, over-privileged, predatory mega-millionaire like Trump can outright win? It really shows where we're at as a country, and it's as embarrassing as it is troubling...
commented by Blogger Jim Yeager, 10:12 AM PDT  

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