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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The Return of the Dead

Hi, boys and girls.  We turned 60 last month and got all nostalgic and shit for the days when we used to blog a lot.  Blogging is dead and Huffington Post killed it.

We have returned from the Land of the Dead to revive blogging and we are going to do it here, on Skippy's site, and in so doing, we will save the cheerleader, because if you save the cheerleader...you know how that goes.

That's not a joke.  We're going to save the cheerleader.

The revival of blogging is about discourse.  This is the place that CNN, the world leader in trying-to-hold-a-discussion-but-failing, turns to for news, so we figured they could turn here for discourse.  And so can everyone else.  But first, review these four considerations:
And now, two questions:

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Happy late birthday!
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 1:41 PM PST  
commented by Blogger DBK, 1:56 PM PST  
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Please note that, along with my return to blogging, I'm going to start deleting the spam in the comments. Looks like the I'm Not a Robot box doesn't really cut it.
commented by Blogger DBK, 7:03 PM PST  
Been visiting since the days CNN turned to you & very much miss those heady days.

Welcome back
commented by Blogger frankly, 7:09 PM PST  
Thanks. It's nice to be back, I think. If I can save the cheerleader, that would make it all worthwhile. Right now, the cheerleader is on life support.

I'll be solving the healthcare crisis shortly. Keep your peepers at the ready.
commented by Blogger DBK, 7:27 PM PST  
Looking forward to the discourse!
commented by Blogger Asterix, 9:28 PM PST  
Still my first morning stop.
commented by Blogger ali redford, 6:16 AM PST  
I'm nodding my head. Can you hear the stuff in it rattle?

Welcome back!
commented by Anonymous lea-p, 8:30 AM PST  
Thanks. I'm delighted that some folks are still around. I have a piece in draft for this site I have to work on, but I have to work for a living today too.
commented by Blogger DBK, 9:16 AM PST  
I am fascinated to discover that every idea I have about government is actually an idea I have about politics.

commented by Blogger joel hanes, 6:23 PM PST  
Here is how it was explained to one of my poli sci classes a million years ago by the great Theodore J. Lowi: politics is about power and who gets it and government is about what is done with that power once someone gets it.
commented by Blogger DBK, 8:26 PM PST  

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