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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

H.R.1628 - American Health Care Act of 2017

No suggestions on where to start the discourse, so we'll start here. We haven't studied it carefully and haven't spoken to any decision-makers, but this is where we want to start because it is a topic we worked on in 2009 and because the "I have the solution to your healthcare crisis right here, pal" posting below touched on it.  H.R. 1628 is the bill for replacing the Affordable Care Act.

Get busy chilluns.  Study it, because it is coming back up for a vote in the Senate and having the right kind of discussion will save the cheerleader.  You might want this bill to pass if it improves upon the ACA or is better than the ACA.  That's the key.  If we can get the bill amended so that it works and provides increased coverage, then everyone benefits.  The Republicans are not entirely wrong, but you have to engage in real discourse on the facts and the figures to find out what is right and wrong.  An ideological stance won't do it...unless it is the ideology of Utilitarianism.

Learning the material won't be easy.  The language is dense and every clause must be understood.  If we want good healthcare policy, we have to become as expert as the people we are trying to convince.  They got this bill from lobbyists and we doubt more than a very few members of the House and Senate, or their staffs, read it through or understood it.  They trust the lobbyists because the lobbyists seem to have the knowledge, payoffs notwithstanding.  But if we go into the discussion armed with real knowledge and demonstrate what works, we will either prevail or will know the degree to which this or that representative has been corrupted, and that is very useful.

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Well, I see we're after Planned Parenthood again. FFS.
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