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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

How to Save a Cheerleader

This story illustrates, not perfectly but quite well nevertheless, one of the things that is wrong with our broken government.  It also illustrates, to CNN's credit, one of the things the press should be doing, albeit not all of the things it should be doing.

Georgia State Senator Michael Williams went on CNN and complained that Delta Airlines is giving discounts to "liberal groups" (a claim debunked on the spot by CNN) while taking the discounts away from the NRA.  And there's the problem.  Maybe there is not one single liberal in Georgia State Senator Michael Williams' district.  He did receive over 70% of the vote in 2016, but that still leaves over 20% of his district that voted for someone else.  Michael Williams is supposed to represent his entire district, not just the people who voted for him, not just conservatives, not just gun-lovers.  Maybe some of his district is getting discounts from Delta Airlines for being members of a liberal organization.  Rather than provide Delta with a compelling reason to continue to give discounts to the NRA members in his district, he wants to take them away from other people elsewhere, and perhaps from people in his own district.

The "us against them" mentality is part of what is destroying America and part of what has destroyed the discourse.  No elected official should have that mentality because we are all "us".  There is no them.  Every member of his district, regardless of their ideology, is his constituent, including the ones who want him out of office, and he was elected by some of his constituents to serve all of his constituents.  Perhaps he had a bad education in government, but he is a part of the government now, so he should know better.

As for CNN, good for them for fact checking Williams on the air, but he deserves a lecture as well on his duties to all of his constituents, as I've done here.  Somewhere along the way we lost the thread in America and now we are being served by the most partisan and, in many ways, heinous group of elected officials in history.  These people don't know the first thing about government.  They only know politics.

Hang your head in shame, State Senator Michael Williams, not just because you "googled" a false story and believed it when you found a site that confirmed it, but because you are failing your district, because you don't represent your district properly, and because you don't know what an elected official is supposed to do.
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So I'm not the only one who was horrified by this guy's actions. Since when is it up to legislators to punish companies that don't offer "sufficient" benefits to those who share the legislator's ideology? And the ignorance to believe that Planned Parenthood offers memberships, and that Delta offers these imaginary members discounts? I can't imagine the outcry that would have resulted if anyone had proposed raising taxes on Chick-Fil-A after the Anti-LGBT group funding went public.
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