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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Have I mentioned Clarabelle?

It's the internet, so I need to post a cat picture.

That's Clarabelle playing cat and mouse games.  She's a rescue cat and her former, bad, owners had her four-paw declawed, so we chaperone her outdoor time.  We were told she would be difficult and have emotional problems because she had not been treated well by her former, wicked, owners.  She isn't and doesn't.  She's over ten years old now (got her at around 8 months) and, as it turns out, after we rescued her, she went ahead and rescued us right back.

I love that the internet loves cats.

Do not declaw your cats.  Don't believe for a second that they get over it and that it isn't so bad.  They don't and it is.

Go vegan and nobody gets hurt.
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"De-clawing" cats means amputating the first digits with the nails. It's a horrible nasty mean thing to do to a cat or anyone. It is NOT benign.
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