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Monday, February 26, 2018

Donald le Cœur de Poulet

The current inhabitant of the White House has declared how brave and heroic he is, stating that he would have run into the Marjory Stoneham Douglas High School School in Parkland, Florida, armed or unarmed, and stopped the shooter.  Because running is his thing, you know.  He runs the golf course at Mar-a-Lago, you know, with his golf equipment on his back.  And everyone knows that nobody has more empathy for the suffering of others than he does.

Then again...

Okay, it's too easy, I know.  He lies constantly and he has such a long history in the press that you can find previous statements of his that demonstrate he is a liar as easily as you can find manure in a stable.  Just saw that one and had to post it.
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Manure is appropriate. No one is more full of it than he is. Trump couldn't move quickly if someone pushed him downhill.
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