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Thursday, February 22, 2018

A Word on Veganism and Weight Loss: and quick because i have a meeting in fifteen minutes

Diets do work, but they only work for as long as you are dieting.  After that, you regain the weight.  When you lose weight as a result of a complete dietary change to veganism, the weight stays off or you can lose it easily if you put it on.  I've kept the weight off for over two years following the initial loss and I have done so without trying.  My weight simply stabilized at 165.

In November, following a disappointing number of Trick or Treaters, we were left with a lot of candy, and Mrs DBK didn't eat it.  Nope, that fell to yours truly.  I hadn't eaten added sugar in quite some time, but manfully I dug in and began consuming that candy.  Okay, so it was maybe a pound of leftover candy and I took a week to nibble it down, piece by piece, to a flacid plastic bag and a vague sense of guilt.  My weight, on the other hand, went up to about 175.  Clearly there is some biochemical thing going on that goes well beyond the mere weight of the item consumed.

When I stopped eating sugary things, the weight came right off.

My wife bought me a bit of candy for my birthday and I ate it.  My weight went back up again and this time I was a few pounds heavier for a good two weeks until...

...beans.  I hadn't been eating my beans.  You have to eat your beans/lentils.  In other words, legumes.  Earlier this week I made Julie Jordan's Cashew Chili recipe (I've been using that recipe for nearly forty years).  The weight dropped right off.  This isn't scientific analysis, just anecdotal, but I suspect that the role of fiber in promoting weight loss is under-reported.  I've done a lot of research on the microbiome in the past year and I, again, suspect that this is where the rubber meets the bacteria when it comes to weight loss.  When you feed your microbiome a healthy diet, a higher proportion of fat bypasses digestion and goes out in the stool.  I can't recall offhand where I saw that, so I can't give you a reference, and my call is now in five minutes so I won't be looking it up, but that happens.  If you watch Dr Robert Lustig's YouTube lectures on sugar you'll learn that half of every molecule of white refined sugar is metabolized in the liver directly into a lipid (fat) and stored.

Okay, gotta run.  Eat your beans.

Last night was BBQ Pulled Not Pork (jackfruit) for dinner.  This is what it looks like:

Go vegan and nobody gets hurt.
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