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Sunday, January 21, 2018

environmental news stories sunday

let me start by just saying, i live in santa barbara and we have been enduring the ravages of climate change/global warming (whatever you want to call it) since dec 4, when the thomas fire (the largest wildfire in ca history) broke out and, almost, wiped out ventura, ojai, montecito and our little red tiled town. i, an asthmatic, was housebound for a week and one-half due to the toxicity of the smokey air. on january 9, a mudslide, due to a rain deluge on fire devastated mountain soil, almost obliterated montecito off the map. for those who believe that scientists are lying and all this climate stuff is a hoax, sit them down, tie them up and go reservoir dogs on them because we can no longer afford this bizarre, alternative reality based (un)thinking. life is no longer the same as it was, and to survive, we need to plan on how we, as a species, can endure the changes that nature is bringing. our communities, our states, our country depends upon it.

so, now...on to the little stories that aren't talked about enough.

the thomas fire is terrifying. fire trends are even more terrifying - la times

toxic pollutants in california mudslide present cleanup challenges - bloomberg

you doubt climate change? come to this island — but hurry, before it disappears.- new york times

a government shutdown will interrupt critical climate change research - vox

'it was like niagara falls': how california's rich and poor united against a tide of mud - the guardian

snowpack near record lows spells trouble for western water supplies - inside climate news 

california is preparing to defend its waters from trump order  - reveal 


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