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Monday, December 11, 2017

monday mi amor

donald trump, roy moore and the degradation of the gop

tesla to install 6 more battery systems in puerto rico in "humanitarian effort"

apple only wants to put its stores where white people live

the uncertain future of bitcoin futures

'abused' tillerson is losing clout on worldstage
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That story about Apple stores starts off by claiming the Bronx has a low crime rate, at which point I did a little checking. Neighborhood Scout doesn't make unsubstantiated claims about crime and, in fact, has no agenda. It reports the stats. That article lies. Check https://www.neighborhoodscout.com/ny/bronx/crime to see how the Bronx compares to the rest of New York state and the country. I stopped reading it after I checked. I have learned, over the many years of blogging and Internet usage, to never believe what I read just because it may suit my preconceptions. I recommend fact-checking to all who wish to know reality as opposed to that which supports their pre- and sometimes misconceptions.
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