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Sunday, November 19, 2017

environmental news stories sunday

for those little pesky stories that aren't bandied about on the sunday talking head shows.

fracking study: answers soon on sick foals of tioga downs owner
when foals on jeff gural’s farm were born with a potentially fatal illness, the well-known casino magnate and horse breeder suspected a nearby natural gas well was a factor. that suspicion, shared by scientists, will soon be supported or discounted by a cornell university team that has spent two years analyzing the horses’ health and signs of chemical exposure on a molecular level. the study is scheduled for completion by early next year. - press connects
oregon dungeness crab season delayed again, could upset holiday meal plans.
oregon's commercial dungeness crab season will be delayed until at least dec. 16 because the crabs are low in meat and high in domoic acid, a toxin that can cause severe illness in people. it's the third year in a row the traditional dec. 1 opening of the ocean season has been postponed. - statesman journal 
'maybe the smog can bring us together': toxic air chokes pakistan and india.'
parts of pakistan have been enveloped by deadly smog in recent weeks, with the city of lahore suffering almost as badly as the indian capital delhi. pictures and video that show lahore looking like an apocalyptic landscape have left people in shock. some residents have said they can’t see beyond their outstretched arm. - the guardian 
leaving europe, brown says he’s talked enough, wants to ‘get something done’
the camera and lights switched on and ole torp, the charlie rose of norway, leaned in, silver hair flashing, and posed his first question to gov. jerry brown. “is the world going to hell?” “yes,” brown answered swiftly. the interview, taped last week in oslo, was declared a fabulous success, one the television audience would quite enjoy. how to explain the climate-change world’s curious embrace of a man with so apocalyptic a message? on a nearly two-week swing through europe, starting at the vatican and ending at the united nations climate change conference in bonn, brown offered a bleak appraisal of the global future: we are on a trajectory toward hell. it’s a headlong rush to a very unpleasant outcome. mankind is on the chopping block. - calmatters
a radioactive cloud wafts over europe, with russia as chief suspect.
high levels of a substance called ruthenium 106 detected over the continent have prompted concern about a possible cover-up by moscow. - nytimes 
 “farmers of the sea” say livelihood dying from midwest ag pollution.
thomas olander of louisiana has been a shrimper and fisherman for about 40 years. he says his livelihood and way of life is dying out because of the growing dead zone in the gulf of mexico. “the guys that drag across that area, they absolutely cannot catch anything alive,” he says. “nothing lives in it.” according to the national oceanic and atmospheric administration, dead zones are caused by "excessive nutrient pollution from human activities coupled with other factors that deplete the oxygen required to support most marine life in bottom and near-bottom water.” this year, the dead zone in the gulf of mexico was measured as the largest it has ever been - 8,776 square miles - an area the size of new jersey. - iowa public radio
plastics found in stomachs of deepest sea creatures.
animals from the deepest places on earth have been found with plastic in their stomachs, confirming fears that manmade fibres have contaminated the most remote places on the planet. the study, led by academics at newcastle university, found animals from trenches across the pacific ocean were contaminated with fibres that probably originated from plastic bottles, packaging and synthetic clothes. - the guardian
the gop’s dirty attack on rural america’s clean water.
house republicans appear to have a new favorite pastime: keeping americans from ever being able to go to court. at a time of heightened tensions on the korean peninsula, shocking gun violence in communities across america and russian meddling in u.s. affairs, gop lawmakers have instead chosen blocking access to the courts as their top priority. they should be ashamed, and americans should be very, very alarmed. now, in a moment of hubris shocking even by congressional standards, many of the same lawmakers are advocating that factory farms should be shielded from lawsuits even when they poison drinking water supplies. on thursday, a house subcommittee held a hearing on a proposal that would make it impossible to bring a citizen suit against these mega farms — which often hold tens of thousands of animals — for mismanaging livestock waste and polluting water supplies, mostly in rural america. - the hill

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