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Sunday, September 17, 2017

environmental news stories sunday

for those little eco-stories that have been skipped along the way by the sunday talking heads and, most assuredly by those on the propaganda channels of "faux" news and breitbart.

the everglades after irma. host steve curwood asked university of maryland hydrologist fernando miralles-wilhelm how the hurricane’s storm surge and severe downpours, added to the steady rising of the seas, could affect this threatened ecosystem.- living on earth  

now is exactly the time to have that discussion about climate change. like millions of other Floridians who evacuated low-lying beach communities for higher ground, i had the obvious safety concerns and worries about whether i would even have a home to return to. - tampa bay tribune  

the top american weather model struggled to forecast hurricane irma. given weather's sizable influence on the economy, the growing gap between the reliability of non-U.S. weather models and their international competitors could put billions of people at risk. - mashable  

sand? mine! our insatiable need for concrete has led to destructive mining around the world. how can we do it better? - hakai magazine  

covering climate change, with urgency and creativity. a look at news outlets bringing innovation, urgency and new audiences to stories on climate change. - neiman reports  

real estate industry blocks sea-level warnings that could crimp profits on coastal properties. ll along the coast of the southeast united states, the real estate industry confronts a storm of scientific information about sea-level rise that threatens the most lucrative, commission-boosting properties. - mcclatchy

 storm surge gives weary florida a glimpse of the future. storm surge can be the most dangerous part of a hurricane, often killing more people than the wind. sea-level rise makes them worse. - e&e news  

what could we lose if a nasa mission goes dark? researchers are racing to replace the pioneering Grace satellites, which are threatened by both dying batteries and trump-era budget cuts. nytimes  

global fingerprints of sea-level rise revealed by satellites. geological processes send more meltwater from glaciers and ice sheets to earth's mid-latitudes. - nature  

as hurricanes and wildfires rage, u.s. climate politics enters the realm of farce.on tuesday afternoon, as southern floridians nervously watched hurricane irma become a category 5 monster, they received an odd message from popular right-wing radio host rush limbaugh: the hurricane forecasts are not to be trusted. - vox

 disaster and neglect. climate change fueled an unprecedented storm. a year later, baton rouge's most vulnerable are still picking up the pieces. this is how a climate change-fueled rainstorm is exacerbating poverty in louisiana. - climate central
irma has some bad news for orange juice lovers. nearly 75 percent of the florida's orange crop seems have to been ripped down by irma's winds.- the weather channel  

western fires take toll on water supplies. the growth of wildfires in the west could double the amount of sediment moving through the region’s rivers, u.s. geological researchers found in a new study. Increased sediments can affect both water quality and the amount of water available for communities. - summit country voice

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