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skippy the bush kangaroo

Thursday, August 17, 2017

hardly thursday afternoon

remember, trump's father was arrested in 1927 after a klan riot in queens

the latest dangerous drug craze, narcan parties, doesn't actually exist

trump is a clown show and christian evangelicals provided the tent

fascism and the denial of truth: what henry wallace can teach us about trump

five myths about hippies

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Bad link to narcan parties. You maybe meant to anchor to something like this:

Feel free to delete this comment when fixed.
commented by Blogger Drew, 2:44 AM PDT  

The 1927 riot was started when a White Male Protestant claimed that White Male Policemen (irish catholics) were oppressing him. Since the White Male Protestant was wearing a Klansmen robe at a public display of patriotism day, the White Male Policeman asked him to take the thing off.

---White middle class people complaining of religious persecution by the police.
commented by Blogger pickum, 4:20 PM PDT  

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