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Monday, July 10, 2017

our fallen comrades: voices gone from blogtopia

on this, our 15th blogiversary of contiguous blogging, we take a moment to reflect upon those fellow bloggers who are no longer with us.

probably foremost among those we remember is our partnership with the late, brilliant blogger jon swift aka al weisel, with whom we (with a little help from blue gal) created national blogroll amnesty day, one of our greatest achievements in blogtopia and yes, we coined that phrase!

we teamed with jon/al in our yearly efforts to ignore the uncaring, decidedly-unliberal (at least as far as linking policy went) behemouths that several popular lefty blogs had become, and made a consious effort to not only link to blogs with smaller traffic numbers than ourselves, but to encourage all of blogtopia and yes, we coined that phrase, to do so, too!

tho we lost jon/al, we like to think that his unbridled generosity lives on in our blogging philosophy: that no voice is too small to be listened to; that no blog is too irrelevant to be relevant.

al's unending support for everyone who dares lay opinion to pixel was always inspirational; and his cyber-friendship with us will always be remembered as one of the highlights of our blogging career.

we are sad that we lost other great blogging friends during those 15 years as well. this blog couldn't have survived without the kind support of jim capozzola, who graciously paid the way for our banner-less blogger platform in the literal first days of our existence.

we also miss the wonderful pithy stylings of aaron hawkins, the uppity negro, as well as melanie mattson's bump in the beltway, both taken from us far too soon. and we feel sorrow for our buddy laffy who lost her friend and co-blogger paddy early last year

most recently we were quite saddened to learn of the passing of SEK over at lawyers, guns and money. lg and m has been a strong proponent of this blog since the early days, and we loved SEK's musings about, among other things, the adventures of oldman cat.

and of course, the constant support and encouragement of the great steve gilliard was a big part of why we continue, even to this day. we are sure there are dozens of other bloggers who feel the same way about steve's love and support for their work.

we are sure there are many other voices which have fallen silent in blogtopia, and we ask that you feel free to mention them in the comments.  one thing we are sure of, though, is that even though they are not physically with us, their words and hard work still inspire us to resist.

rest in peace, all of you.


m. bouffant reminds us that james briggs stratton, aka doghouse riley, also left us.

and an anonymous blogger mentions julia of sisyphus shurgged.

double addendum: omg how did we forgot the godfather of snaryky blogging bartcop? (thx to jdm for reminding us)
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commented by Blogger M. Bouffant, 12:58 AM PDT  
Damn. Now I'm sniffy.

Sisyphus Shrugged
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 10:41 AM PDT  
I'm just going to light a candle for those who...just...stopped updating and walked away (too many to specify, alas).

Thanks, M. Bouffant, for remembering Doghouse Riley.

Sorry we didn't manage a Blogroll Amnesty Day this year.
commented by Blogger D., 10:42 AM PDT  
Bartcop, the godfather.
commented by Anonymous JDM, 12:32 PM PDT  
totally forgot bartcop, my bad!
commented by Blogger skippy, 1:39 PM PDT  
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