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Tuesday, July 04, 2017

environmental news stories - july 4th version

i am finding it harder and harder, especially this independence day, to feel patriotic toward our county due to the gop and the regime of cheeto to do everything in their power to rip apart the threads that bind all americans together. the decades of their machiavellian plans of pitting one section of americans against each other to garner votes and support, pandering to the reptilian brains out there to instill fear and, quite literally, stealing the hopes, dreams and the heritage of our country and our citizens is proving effective.

here are a few stories that showcase the war that is being waged against the environment...and on the resources that americans need to, not only survive, but live.

the los angeles water residents don′t dare drink. when residents of a low-income housing project in south los angeles turn on their faucets, the water runs black, brown and yellow. now they're fighting for the right to clean drinking water. - deutsche wella  

commentary: the end goal of trump’s war on science. epa head scott pruitt wants to undo obama's environmental legacy. This is his smokescreen. - the new republic  

report: global warming threatens north carolina's bees. global warming and urbanization are threatening bee populations across the country. one factor in that threat is heat. at high temperatures, bees become unable to reproduce, fly or even walk. - wunc  

what trump is doing to allow oil drilling near new jersey beaches. the u.s. interior department said it will begin rewriting the five-year oil drilling plan that currently excludes the atlantic ocean - newark star ledger

epa’s scott pruitt is trump’s most adept and dangerous hatchet man. trump’s personal ineffectualness has not kept his administration from rapidly reversing the direction of the federal government in key areas, thanks to a few deft players who are implementing an aggressive ideological agenda - latte times  

we are so forked. wait, we toss out how many plastic utensils every year? - mother jones

obama rues loss of 'american leadership' on climate change. speaking at a conference in indonesia, mr. obama indirectly criticized President Trump for pulling out of the paris climate agreement - nytimes

as trump moves to privatize america's national parks, visitor costs may rise. with the proposed national park service budget slashed by almost $400m, the trump administration says it will turn to privatizing public park services to address deferred maintenance costs - the guardian

zinke envisions cutting 4,000 full-time staff. interior secretary ryan zinke indicated today that the department is looking at relocating more resources out west as part of a larger management reorganization. - greenwire

 trump called 'threat to every coastline' as he pushes ocean drilling plan.administration moves to ‘unleash’ us fossil fuels by rewriting obama-era plan that banned drilling along Atlantic seaboard and large parts of the arctic ocean. - the guardian  

epa's dangerous anti-regulatory policies. this week, while attention was focussed on the senate’s health-care bill, the trump administration continued to quietly do the one thing it does well: wreak havoc on the environment. - the new yorker
is inequality bad for the environment? from buying stuff to eating meat to wasting water, there is growing evidence that countries with a bigger gap between rich and poor do more harm to the planet and its climate. - the guardian

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