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Sunday, June 18, 2017

environmental news stories sunday

for those little stories that always seem to not garner front page attention....but should.

oil’s pipeline to america’s schools. inside the fossil-fuel industry’s not-so-subtle push into k-12 education - center for public integrity  

plastic polluted arctic islands are dumping ground for gulf stream. beaches on remote arctic islands are heavily polluted with plastic, a new expedition has found, demonstrating that the region is the dumping ground for waste carried northwards on the gulf stream. - the guardian.   

high fashion gets a dose of ocean garbage. the designer stella mccartney is teaming with a save-the-ocean group to make clothes out of yarn spun from aquatic debris. - new york times  

an island is disappearing, but residents don't see it. deal island is on the front lines of climate change. but this is trump country, and many who live here are wary of government restrictions on their way of life. - climate wire  

louisiana coast sinking 50 percent faster than thought, new study says. land along louisiana's coastline is sinking 50 percent faster than was estimated just two years ago, according to a new map published wednesday as part of a study by tulane university geologists. - times picayune

huge forest fires in portugal kill at least 57. at least 60 people have been killed by huge forest fires in central portugal, with many dying in their cars as they tried to flee the flames, the government said on sunday. - the guardian

prince was a secret patron of solar power. before his abrupt death a year ago, the pop musician Prince made an investment in green energy that’s now helping solar start-ups weather an assault from president donald trump. bloomberg business  

flint officials may face jail for water crisis. that's bittersweet news.the water supply of an entire city was poisoned. none of this had to happen – and true justice is a long way off. - the guardian

new manslaughter charges for officials in flint water crisis.michigan ag bill schuette says his flint water crisis investigation is shifting to the "the trial phase," but before it gets there, he's upped the stakes by charging five state and local officials with manslaughter. - flint journal
  california condor: saving the king of the birds. de-funding the endangered species act could destroy what is left of the great condors that used to populate the west - indian country news network

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