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Sunday, June 11, 2017

environmental news stories sunday

for those stories that aren't "sexy" enough for most front pages of the papers...but are important.

epa’s scott pruitt wants to set up opposing teams to debate climate change science. scott pruitt, the environmental protection agency administrator, told breitbart news on monday that he would like to essentially re-litigate the science of climate change - wapo

senators accuse devos of ‘quick about-face’ on climate change.a conservative think tank that does not believe in human-induced climate change has been sending to hundreds of thousands of k-12 and college science teachers materials that reject basic principles on which nearly all climate scientists agree -wapo

french president macron said us climate researchers should come to france. he wasn’t joking. macron wants to poach top science talent from america.- vox

trump budget risks 'serious harm' to america's energy future, 7 former doe officials warn. republicans and democrats alike say the budget would hurt all types of u.s. energy and electricity reliability. business leaders are worried, too. - inside climate news

how have american ski resorts reacted to donald trump's withdrawal from climate change deal. 'we are still in': american ski resorts slam donald trump’s withdrawal from climate change deal.- the telegraph

america’s toxic prisons: the environmental injustices of mass incarceration. mass incarceration in the us is hurting the environment and prisoners - earth island institute

trump taps n.d. judge at center of wotus fight.a north dakota judge who's a central figure in the court battles over the obama administration's contentious clean water rule has been picked by president trump to fill a vacant seat on the 8th u.s. circuit court of appeals - e&e news

analysis: mapping a contamination crisis. new research from ewg and northeastern university in boston details pfc pollution in tap water supplies for 15 million americans in 27 states and from more than four dozen industrial and military sources from maine to california - environmental working group

u.s. golf coast groups concerned as trump picks bp lawyer to top doj post.u.s president donald trump's selection of jeffrey bossert clark to be the justice department's top environmental lawyer has raised concerns by gulf coast environmental groups as he was the lawyer for international oil company bp llc in the aftermath of the company's 2010 drilling rig explosion - reuters

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"US Golf Coast." Excellent typo, fortuitous Freudian slip, or killer pun?
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