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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

wednesday rain

white evangelicals believe they face more discrimination than muslims

kids today are way less scary than they used to be

the democratic party doesn't get why it's so unpopular

trump's dictator chic

why authoritarians attack the arts

and rip j. geils of the j. geils band, and  dave's mom, dorothy letterman 
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Any explanation of public perceptions of the Democratic Party that does not include any of the words
Fox News
Rupert Murdoch
Rush Limbaugh
talk radio
evangelical Christians
wired for Republicans

is ignoring over half the problem.
Shaun King's "everyone agrees with Shaun King that the Democratic Party suxxors" piece includes none of those.

For the record, I agree with King that the Dems are hurt by their reliance on corporate money, and the resulting deference to corporate interests.
commented by Blogger joel hanes, 2:59 PM PDT  
"White evangelics face more discrimination than..."

Do you believe them when they say that? Does anyone?

Don't. It's just a strategy.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 10:20 AM PDT  

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