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skippy the bush kangaroo

Thursday, March 16, 2017

blackouts on thursday

trump can't sell fear unless the public buys it

how to topple a dictator

there is never a free market in health care

my 4 months as a private prison guard

throughout history, the powerless have fought with words for liberation

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Kind of like the only reason Obama was able to sell his snake oil was because the public bought it.
commented by Blogger Bill Hicks, 10:21 AM PDT  
Menjaga kesehatan payudara sangatlah penting untuk terhindar dari berbagai macam jenis penyakit yang bisa menyerang payudara Obat Bisul di Payudara Paling Ampuh
commented by Blogger Jendral Adipta, 11:26 PM PDT  

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