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Sunday, December 18, 2016

environmental news stories sunday

for those stories that are not bandied about by the sunday talking heads and will probably be buried by b*s in the upcoming administration. it does not bode well for our environment.

the slow death of ecology's birthplace. one hundred and fifty years ago, a young danish botanist named johannes eugenius bülow warming sailed out of rio de janeiro, bound for copenhagen. safely stowed with him were some of the 2,600 plant specimens he had collected over three years- undark

louisiana governor declares public health emergency for st. joseph, recommends not drinking tap water.louisiana gov. john bel edwards has declared a public health emergency for the town of st. joseph after officials discovered elevated levels of lead and copper in several water samples.- abc news

five ways trump could unwind obama's environmental policies. many of president obama’s climate and environmental policies are unlikely to survive under president-elect donald trump. - the hill

exxonmobil helped defeat russia sanctions bill. the company’s formidable lobbying operation cleared the way for outgoing ceo rex tillerson to help restore a program worth billions of dollars as secretary of state. - politico

i'm a scientist who has gotten death threats. i fear what may happen under trump. my penn state colleagues looked with horror at the police tape across my office door. i had been opening mail at my desk that afternoon in august 2010 when a dusting of white powder fell from the folds of a letter - wapo

how antibiotic-tainted seafood from china ends up on your table. chinese agriculture has thrived for thousands of years on a kind of recycling—the nutrients that fatten the pigs and geese also feed the fish. but the introduction of antibiotics into animal feed has transformed ecological efficiency into a threat to global public health. - bloomberg

if you want to see how donald trump will destroy the environment, read this legislative roadmap. if you've been wondering which environmental protections the incoming administration will target and how exactly how they’ll try to undo them, take a look at the competitive enterprise institute’s legislative agenda, “free to prosper.”- the intercept

scientists are saving climate data; this is why it matters. while the trump administration hasn’t said it’s going to erase or curtail access to climate data, appointments to the trump transition team and the views of his cabinet nominees have set alarms bells ringing. and with good reason.- climate central

hordes of geese die on a toxic lake in montana. the exact cause of the birds’ deaths is unknown, and experts worry that thousands more could be in danger during this year’s migratory season - nytimes

rare arabian leopards forced out by frankincense harvesters. the habitat of one of the world’s rarest and most elusive big cats is shrinking fast, with the latest pressure coming from frankincense collectors - new scientist

the holocene hangover: it is time for humanity to make fundamental changes. the magnitude of environmental change we now face will demand a fundamental reorientation of modern politics, economics, and culture. this is the only way to make a home on our new planet.- the guardian

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