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Sunday, November 13, 2016

environmental news stories sunday

all during the election, nary a word was uttered about the 1,000 lb gorilla in the international room - the environment. so, i am hopping back with a green vengeance bringing to you the stories that you should be hearing about...talking about...protesting about...

now is not the time to turn our backs and flee, nor bury our heads in the pillows and sulk...now is the time to be vigilant and hold people accountable. now is the time to educate ourselves...now is the time to educate others.

now is the time to hop back into action.

all is not lost on climate change. trump will be terrible, but it’s not just about trump. it’s about you, too - slate

deep in virginia’s craggy coal country, they saw trump as their only hope. behind the barber’s chair where claude rasnake diagnoses many of the world’s problems, he charted the to-do list of the trump administration. - wapo

great expectations in farm country. “there’s a natural expectation out there that donald trump is the white knight and his cabinet is right there beside him. they are going to come in and fix this and we’re going to have $5 corn and no regulation, and exports are going to boom.” - the progressive farmer

the trump shade of green. peter dykstra and host steve curwood discuss president-elect trump's possible cabinet picks and the rollbacks and policy shifts the next four years may bring - living on earth

virginia environmental leaders bracing for major setbacks under donald trump. how and whether trump's world view on environmental matters works its way down to the local level - the virginian pilot

novel climate lawsuit awaits president trump. a judge has ruled that an oregon climate change lawsuit filed against the federal government can move forward.- climate central

real madrid to wear kits made from recycled ocean plastic. real madrid players will wear kits made from ocean’s recycled plastic during la liga’s 13th round match against sporting gijon on november 26- canindia

ceo kelcy warren confident dakota access pipeline will be completed under trump presidency. the leader of the company behind the controversial dakota access oil pipeline is “100 percent” confident president-elect donald trump will help the project get finished. - cbs news

standing rock protesters sit out the election: 'i'm ashamed of them both.' frank archambault is not interested in choosing the next elected leader of one of his enemies. “i don’t want to have a say in government,” he said. “i guess you could call it trauma. i don’t have faith in government, so i don’t want to have a say.” - the guardian

environmental leaders mourn trump’s win and prepare for battle. sierra club executive director michael brune wore an expression of indignation as he articulated a post-election message for sierra club’s 2.4 million members: acknowledge the pain and alienation you feel over donald trump’s victory and then gird yourself for a fight - high country news

how hungry kids will fare under trump. president donald trump and the republican-controlled congress will likely walk back most of the progress made on school food and nutrition programs in recent years - civil eats

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