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Saturday, June 11, 2016

joshua holland is an idiot

joshua holland's "think" piece needs some thinking. bernie lost not because his ideas were unpopular but because the dumbocratic party (as embodied by debbie whatshername-"i know nothing!" shultz) made sure the "right" person (and did you notice? hillary's logo points to the right) won. social security was not an incrementalist idea as josh joshes you. it was a socialist idea then and now. and woe to any goldman-sachs toady that wants to make a grand bargain with the rapepublicans to prove her pragmatism.
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Bernie lost because his numbers on promised budgets didn't add up:


Bernie lost because his pitch for universal health care can't win over voters who are uncomfortable with that level of socialism, and are just getting used to the idea of market-based Obamacare actually working.

Bernie lost because he lost control of his narrative, when his fanbase - hi, Susan! - started talking about supporting TRUMP out of spite and revolutionary fervor instead of focusing on the need of reforming the Dem party from within.

Bernie lost because he couldn't appeal to Blacks and Hispanics, who prefer a known value - the Clintons - over an unknown who kept offering pie-in-the-sky that minorities recognize from before (60s, 80s) as wishful thinking.

Bernie lost because his haiku kept missing the use of cutting words in the third line. Tsk tsk... at least he stuck to the nature references.
commented by Blogger Paul, 4:35 AM PDT  
What an astonishing regurgitation of idiotic invective and irrational rage. Bernie lost for only one reason: The other candidate got a lot more votes! If you can't understand that simple fact, perhaps you're not really ready to participate in grown up politics
commented by Blogger Paul Gottlieb, 8:26 AM PDT  
No, I believe the idiot is you. And a racist one at that. Sanders lost because he tried to convince black people that their oppression was a class issue. They know better, obviously, and Hillary did too.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 8:47 AM PDT  

BERNIE: Hey Rocky, watch while I pull a progressive majority out of my hat!

DEMS: That trick never works.
commented by Blogger joel hanes, 4:49 PM PDT  

More seriously, when Sanders smiled approvingly while Cornel West ripped into Obama, I knew that Sanders would never be the nominee. That was a majorly tin-eared mistake. People of color, and particularly women of color, are the future majority of the electorate, and thus the future of the Democratic Party. They seemed to be all but invisible to Sanders.
commented by Blogger joel hanes, 4:53 PM PDT  

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