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Saturday, April 09, 2016

the saturday option

caribbean nations are trying to make styrofoam illegal

big union leadersbetray sanders and workers

uncovering the secret locations where the u.s. illegally interrogates its captives

"women in politics" doesn't just mean hillary

10 housing markets  where first-time buyers have no chance

why we should fear a cashless world
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A few years ago I was at a lecture on the developing world when the speaker asked people to think about what the cost of a cash transaction was in comparison to something like M-Pesa, the Kenyan mobile phone banking system. M-Pesa and other "cashless" transfer systems include a percentage for transaction costs. Cash money doesn't.

A "cashless" economy will make a lot of money for banks, credit and debit companies and other middle men/women. It's another step in the financialization of the world.
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I always use cash.
If I don't have the cash on me, then I don't buy it.
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