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skippy the bush kangaroo

Thursday, December 31, 2015

auld lang syne

death penalty dysfunction in 2015

u.s. policing: the year in review

the biggest wins for wildlife in 2015

winners and losers of the year

candidates for the 2015 hypocrite of the year award

the year in mass shootings

the 15 best books of 2015

the top 10 political moments of the year

the 5 worst things that happened in 2015

for the second year in a row the arctic is the fastest warming place on earth

mother nature network's 15 favorite photos of the year

the biggest pinochios of 2015

the best tv of the year

the year in review  by tom tomorrow

the 20 best lists of 2015

the year in fungi

and what year would be complete without batocchio's jon swift memorial blog round-up?
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