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Sunday, November 29, 2015

environmental news stories sunday

the "yes oui can" paris climate change talk edition

short answers to hard questions about climate change. the issue can be overwhelming. the science is complicated. predictions about the fate of the planet carry endless caveats and asterisks. we get it. - nytimes

climate change and conflict, a perfect storm. violence has cast a long shadow over a climate summit opening in paris on monday, two weeks after 130 people were killed in a coordinated jihadist onslaught on the french capital. - afp via the manila times

bill mckibben: what the paris conference on climate change can do for planet earth. starting monday, diplomats and scientists, activists and heads of state at the 2015 u.n. climate change conference in paris will scramble to reach the first truly global agreement on the greatest problem the planet has ever faced. it will make for compelling headlines, but it's not the real story. because that already happened. - latte times

pope frank: 'catastrophic' if climate deal derailed. the pope, who has often spoken out about the dangers of climate change, singled out those who those who reject the science behind global warming. - usa toady

seven things the paris climate talks could do, and what they mean for australia. it won't 'solve' climate change, but the paris talks may make real gains possible. - the guardian

can the paris climate talks save our planet? the long-awaited 2015 paris climate conference, also known as cop21, officially begins on monday, and will comprise two weeks of meetings and speeches by more than 100 heads of state and 40,000 attendees from more than 190 countries, all bent on developing the most significant international agreement in history to combat global greenhouse emissions and, by effect, reduce the speed and intensity of global climate change. - new york magazine

climate change summit: canada starts to regain its green glow - latte times

massive public artwork in paris reflects desire for climate change solutions - time magazine

climate activists in Paris stage peaceful action, despite official ban on marches. - grist

a massive climate summit is about to happen in paris. here's what you need to know. - mother jones
meat needs to be on the climate change negotiating table. - treehugger

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Thanks for compiling these occasional environment stories, cookiejill. I don't know if you get feed back for doing it, but here's one!
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