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Sunday, October 25, 2015

environmental news stories sunday

for those little stories you may not have read in any of hillary's d**n emails.

how canada's election will decide the fate of the world if voters oust prime minister stephen harper's conservatives, they'll be voting for a whole new climate policy and potentially tipping the scales of december's paris summit on global warming. - foreign policy

california democrats on the house oversight and government reform committee requested a department of justice investigation into exxon mobil on wednesday. - new republic

a six-year study finds children living in highly polluted parts of cities have up to 10 per cent less lung capacity than normal, with warnings the damage could be permanent. - the telegraph

when bobbie pauley took the stand more than two weeks ago to testify against former massey energy ceo don blankenship, the only female miner at massey’s upper big branch talked about struggling with poor ventilation and working under dangerous roof conditions. the gazette mail

incredibly, when president obama came to charleston on wednesday to seek cures for west virginia’s drug overdose crisis, republican leaders accused obama of causing the crisis. by enforcing pollution laws, they argued, the white house decimated the coal industry and left southern coal towns in poverty and despair, vulnerable to rampaging narcotics.  the gazette mail

exxon sowed doubt about climate science for decades by stressing uncertainty. collaborating with the bush-cheney white house, exxon turned ordinary scientific uncertainties into weapons of mass confusion - inside climate news

women, children, refugees bear brunt of mauritania food crisis. women and children are bearing the brunt of a malnutrition and hunger crisis in mauritania, while tens of thousands of malian refugees face food shortages due to a lack of funding.- reuters

radioactive materials stolen from los alamos national laboratory. federal officials are investigating the theft of radioactive materials from an area at los alamos national laboratory set aside for contaminated waste – among them a bandsaw that registered 500 times the allowable limit of contamination. - albuquerque journal

greenwave ocean farming model scoops $100,000 sustainability prize. a commercial fisherman who admitted to once pillaging the oceans has won the 2015 fuller challenge with a system that only grows restorative crops, such as seaweed and shellfish. - the guardian

after sunscreen protects humans it massacres coral reefs. a new study finds that a single drop in a small area is all it takes for the chemicals in the lotion to mount an attack - wapo

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