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Friday, July 31, 2015

happy blogiversary

to us!!!

forgive us for not getting around to it last week, but this humble space recently celebrated our 13th year of contiguous blogging.  tho that isn't a record in blogtopia, and yes, we coined that phrase, it is something to blog about!

(but before we begin our orgy of self-congratulatory back-patting, we'd like to offer this laurel and hearty handshake to all you mike's blog round up readers who wandered over from our good friends at crooks and liars.)

as is our tradition, we nostalgically refer every year on our blogiversary to our original post, way back when w was president, and hadn't started to make real trouble yet:

ok kids, this is my first attempt at blogging. why blogging? because i can. it's a lot like mt. everest in that way. we are all climbing the peaks of cyberspace to get to the pinnacle (or is it pinochle? i prefer canasta).

the web is one huge library full of books that didn't have to go through an editor to get published. is that good or bad? in truth, it's neither (ok, i've seen some of these blogs, you're right, it is bad). but nonetheless, as the french say, pass the fries!

i gotta start off with thoughts about mr. bush's speech. didn't work for me. not me personally, but my stock portfolio. i spent most of this morning selling at least half of my holdings. one sep-ira which i had started in 1993, and had doubled in value by 2000, had fallen all the back to original value plus $50 as of end of trading today.

i hate to tell you kids this, but we're in the middle of another great depression. that's ok, though, i'm old enough that my parents grew up during the first one, so i know some good techniques for saving money.
as we've said in the past, thanks to everyone who has helped this blog become the once-medium successful piece of journamalism it used to be:

ken houghton, jim yeager, george, mahakal, tami the one true, rj eskow, holden caufield (formerly of first draft), g.d. frogsdong, carnacki (formerly of the mystery of the haunted vampire), and of course, pudentilla.

a big thank you also to brett penrose, who provides original cartoons to this humble space, including the one above w/obama and skippy sharing a cake (makes sense to us!).

also we must needs give mad props to lauren bruce, blogger extraordinaire and html genius, who designed our blogging template. and to august j. pollack, the brilliant artist/blogger who drew our beloved roo logo.

and of course, most of all we owe this blog's very continued existence to our enviromental editor and right-hand woman, cookie jill, without whom this space would have completely disintegrated into the cybervoid years ago.

but of course, the biggest thanks goes to you, dear reader, for sticking by us all these years, and coming back for more.  thanks so much for being our friend.
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I know I am getting old, I remember: "When I want news I turn to CCN and when CNN wants news the turn to . . . Skippy the Bush Kangaroo!"

thanks for helping in the great fight.
commented by Blogger frankly, 7:28 PM PDT  
Happy blogiversary, and many more!

And thanks for being here. *wink*
commented by Blogger D., 10:50 PM PDT  
In blogtopia (AYSDCTW), Skippy The Bush Kangaroo rules.
commented by Blogger joel hanes, 1:36 AM PDT  
thanks, skippy --- glad you're here
commented by Blogger tomitron, 1:56 PM PDT  
wishing you all the very best. thank you for all you've done these many years!
commented by Anonymous monkeyfister, 8:59 AM PDT  
Congratulations, Skippy!
commented by Blogger George, 9:02 AM PDT  
I am so glad you are still here...I have tired of trying to fight the tsunami of stupid. So I am on sabbatical revamping personal life -- but I do keep up to date with the battle right here!
commented by Anonymous Syrbal/Labrys, 11:24 AM PDT  
hippo blogiversary skippy
commented by Blogger Suzanne, 4:05 PM PDT  
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