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Wednesday, April 08, 2015

wednesday (the 8 hour song)

prevent another crash, reform wall street

at least 400 doctors kill themselves every year

significant pension cuts looms for retirees

we need a new theory of capitalism

and rip the comedy genius of tv, radio & record albums (and one of skipoy's personal heros) stan freberg
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I hate to say it, but I strongly disagree with one statement in the story about doctors killing themselves. "Suicide is, of course, never rational"

Really? Really?! I think THAT is the lie that KILLS people. Many more-or-less rational and sane people DO kill themselves, because all the alleged choices "for life" look so impossible, so untenable, so dressed up in sheep's clothing disguising wolves that EAT them alive.

Propaganda about suicide, saying shit like "There is ALWAYS a better choice" honestly simply piss off people who have their backs to a wall. Veterans, doctors, even military brats, are ALL at higher risk for suicide presently, and until they stop mouthing pious platitudes and get down to the real misery-inducing truths of people facing a life with NO quality worth fighting for, the deaths will continue.
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Stan Freberg was the man! Its a shame he is not as well known and highly regarded as he should be. I' going over to youtube & hope they have some of his stuff.
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