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Sunday, December 28, 2014

environmental news stories sunday

for those pesky little stories that don't seem to be talked about much in "impolite society" aka the sunday talking head shows.

california's plastic bag ban might be overturned. - laweekly

water source for california's almonds may dry up. - nytimes

pope francis’s edict on climate change will anger deniers and us churches. can pope francis achieve a feat that has so far eluded secular powers and inspire decisive action on climate change? it looks as if he will give it a go.. - the guardian

chardonnay and pinot noir under threat from climate change. the taste of fine wines like chardonnay and pinot noir is under threat from rising temperatures caused by climate change, scientists have warned. the telegraph

banff derailment a warning sign of potentially ‘disastrous’ spill on the horizon, researchers say. a day after derailed train cars spilled potentially toxic cargo into a banff creek, ecology and wildlife researchers warned there will likely be more rail crashes with far worse consequences for fish and wildlife - calgary herald

new jersey's osprey population continues to grow, report states. new jersey's osprey population continues to grow as more nests are producing more chicks, according to a state report. the osprey was one of the first animals added to the new jersey endangered species list when the use of pesticides — namely ddt — caused the bird's population to plunge - south jersey times

institute of marine and mammal studies: 147 turtles, 48 dolphins found dead in mississippi sound in 2014. the imms declined to comment as to what specifically caused the dramatic increase in marine deaths other to say that they perform autopsies on deceased marine life and send the information to agencies within the federal government. - biloxi sun herald

‘catastrophic’ earthquake and tsunami brewing off british columbia's coast. a giant slab of rock sliding in from the pacific is exerting so much pressure on the west coast of north america it is warping vancouver island, tilting it higher and squeezing it a few centimetres eastward every year. - vancouver sun

california drought brings smaller harvests, more hunger among farmworkers. under sodden gray skies, the 2014 drought feels far away, but its effect is just now being felt in the reduced agricultural yields of the southern central valley, where the drought so dried out the farm economy that farmworkers depend on charity to fill their pantries - san jose mercury news

kale and hearty: the salad bowl of america turns toxic. as nitrates seep into aquifers in california's salinas valley, a group of scientists is promoting a pilot program that has the potential to improve water quality and be replicated across the country - al jazeera america

los angeles could lose 70 percent of its water in the next 'big one.' of all the chaos a massive southern california earthquake could cause, the most challenging may be losing all four aqueducts supplying the vast majority the region's water, causing a year or more of extreme rationing - kpcc

christmas trees get their goat. friday marked the first day the truckee meadows fire protection district in nevada began using a unique – not to mention environmentally sustainable – method of recycling the symbol of christmas. pine needles and all. - latimes

no such thing as safe fracking in florida. a recent study at duke university found that 92 percent of water and drilling fluids remained deep underground. are these substances that we want to inject into our groundwater or allow to be anywhere near our aquifer? there is no such thing as safe fracking - st. augustine record

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