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Sunday, December 07, 2014

environmental news stories sunday

for those pesky little stories that don't seem to make it onto the talking points of those peeps hopscotching around on the talking head sunday show circuit.

ecuador indigenous leader found dead days before planned lima protest. the body of an indigenous leader who was opposed to a major mining project in ecuador has been found bound and buried, days before he planned to take his campaign to climate talks in lima. activists believe his death is linked to opposition to state-chinese mine project. - the guardian

revealed thirty years on... the secret role that america's henry kissinger played in the bhopal tragedy. former us secretary of state henry kissinger put pressure on the indian government to agree a legal settlement that let the american chemical company union carbide off the hook for the 25,000 people killed by the toxic gas disaster. - glasgow herald

seafood fraud cases plummet as noaa cuts investigators. despite calls in washington for a crackdown on seafood fraud — to protect consumers as well as law-abiding american companies and fishers — noaa has been slowly whittling down the team of agents that handles complex investigations = baltimore sun

burgundy winemaker cheers a 'victory for people power' after conviction for refusing to spray vines with pesticides is overturned. few wine drinkers consider pesticides a required ingredient but a vineyard owner in burgundy had to resort to the courts to uphold his right to keep them from his latest vintage. - the independent

energy firms in secretive alliance with attorneys general. attorneys general in at least a dozen states are working with energy companies and other corporate interests, which in turn are providing them with record amounts of money for their political campaigns, including at least $16 million this year - nytimes

product of mexico: hardship on mexico's farms, a bounty for u.s. tables. american consumers get all the salsa, squash and melons they can eat at affordable prices. but a los angeles times investigation found that for thousands of farm laborers south of the border, the export boom is a story of exploitation and extreme hardship - latimes

why elon musk's batteries scare the hell out of the electric company. here’s why something as basic as a battery both thrills and terrifies the u.s. utility industry. - bloomberg

california's drought may be worst in a millennium. a new analysis published in geophysical research letters, showed that while other droughts in california's history had less precipitation than the one the state is currently experiencing, the most recent drought stood out because of how exceptionally hot it was compared to other droughts over the past 1,200 years - scientific american

los angeles, city of water. los angeles has reduced its reliance on outside sources of water. tt has become, of all things, a leader in sustainable water management, a pioneer in big-city use of cost-effective, environmentally beneficial water conservation, collection and reuse technologies - latte times

alec looks to shred epa regulations. the american legislative exchange council forged ahead with a new agenda this week. despite an exodus of corporate sponsors, who have balked at its policies and tactics, the nonprofit honed plans to dismantle the environmental protection agency, roll back energy regulations and give the stage to climate change deniers. - al jazeera america

big-picture study of fracking operations suggests even small chemical exposures pose risks. a paper published friday in reviews on environmental health suggests that even tiny doses of the chemicals released during the various phases of oil and natural gas production, including fracking, could pose serious health risks - huffpo

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