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Thursday, November 06, 2014

Now That Election Day Is Overwith, This Is Rather Amusing...

One afternoon in late October, I was walking down Main Street in Nashua, New Hampshire, trying to figure out where I wanted to snag a quick snack before going to work. I saw a couple of guys in front of the Peddler's Daughter bar; they were wearing what looked to me like Armani suits, and they were facing away from me. As I was about to walk by, they turned around.

I looked at the older one, and thank the FSM I was wearing sunglasses and didn't have to make direct eye contact with him -- holy crap, I thought, it's Senator John McCain!

Actually, that was the first of three thoughts that popped into my head. The second was, Man, he's a short little sonofabitch -- he looks taller on the toob. The third thought was, I gotta get outta here -- he must have a security detail, I don't see one, I voted for Obama six years ago, I'm just a cab driver, he's only seven feet away, I gotta go.

Yeah, I got pretty paranoid. Maybe I shouldn't have, but the scariest thing about paranoia is the possibility, real or otherwise, that you're right. So I kept on moving.

Anyway, there was a somewhat younger guy with McCain that I did not recognize -- at the time. Turns out, it was Scott Brown. He and McCain were in Nashua to speak at the local American Legion. My guess is McCain was there to encourage the veterans to vote on election day -- and like him or not, he's always had that civic duty manner lacking in most Republicans these days, and I respect and appreciate that in him.Brown, however, must have been merely riding McCain's coattails, hoping to pick up the votes of any random drunks who just happened to know a veteran there in the process.

Obviously that didn't work -- I didn't recognize him on the street, and I was stone cold sober at the time.

Better luck next time, Scott. Oh, and would you please pick one state and stick with it? Or at least pick one that doesn't border Massachusetts next time. Folks 'round here saw you coming...

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Bartkid sez,
Thank you for sharing, Jim. It gave me a smile that I needed today.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 8:07 AM PST  
Hell, the Dems took a shellacking nationwide, and I'm smiling anyway. I've seen this film before, and I know how it ends. Bring it on...
commented by Blogger Jim Yeager, 5:32 PM PST  
Two chumps, alike in solipsism
They live in a parallel space of rhetoric and selection bias; their universe touches ours only at a few points.

commented by Blogger joel hanes, 9:42 PM PST  

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