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Thursday, November 20, 2014

mrs. thursday

k-mart says employees may request thanksgiving off; the reality is a bit different

this new clock may end time as we know it

mert the lawyer whose new job is defending scientists against climate deniers

why the dems lost in 4 letters: the dccc

and rip motown great jimmy ruffin
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I picked up a woman who works for IHOP the other night, and she told me she was working Thanksgiving. Wow.

Look, I've worked many a Thanksgiving in my life, and if it wasn't for the fact that Thursday is my one night off a week, I'd have no problem working this one too (tho I'd probably have blown it off just to spend a day with my parents anyway, but still...)

What I want to know is, who the frig is going to IHOP for breakfast or even dinner on Thanksgiving? I've eaten a Thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant a few times, but it wasn't goddamn pancackes or Western omeletes I ate.

For that matter, who even bothers with breakfast on that day? Okay, dumb question -- we Americans do for obesity what North Korea does for batfuckery, they just go on and on with no relief in sight.

Can't these poor souls just take a day off anyway? Is mercy that bad of a thing-?
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